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Tibetan sound therapy

With this therapy we give the children the opportunity to find their way to find themselves in the certainty that their own abilities, strength and natural environment could be to support them, a point of reference. Self-esteem provides internal stability and gives foundation to a happy, free and secure person. The sound of the Tibetan bowls tempt children to try them. When a child takes a bowl and play it, they can through their fingertips feel the sound waves propagate through their body. They can feel a wonderful and diverse sound that instantly appeals to their inner world and can thus go on a journey through the world of music.

They can hear ever new tones, awake in them a childlike curiosity and open the way to creativity, because a wide range of sound variations gives them the opportunity to make their own compositions. The children can massage each other in a playful way with the Tibetan sound bowls. This method also has many positive effects on health, immune and nervous system. Very good results were achieved in cases of behavior disorders (e.g. anxiety, emotional distance, aggression, hyperactivity), learning disorders (e.g. disorders of attention and concentration capacity), and Communication disorders.


Provides physical, spiritual, mental and social development: supports positive changes in internal organs, internal systems, hormonal functions, nervous system, sensory organs. In children leads to the gradual maturing of personality, moral, emotional world and turns toward the humanities; All games have applied educational influence, and through them acquire positive behaviors (relationship to friends, compliance, selfless assistance); improves learning and homework and other school duties.

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