Skolka Happy Panda

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Children attending the Happy Panda Kindergarten are participate in educational programs such as swimming, exercises, tennis, folk dance, yoga, exercises to prevent flat feet, Tibetan sound therapy and to prevent the health of children undergo foot massage (basic reflexology).


The children are taken to swim in the modern and well-kept Kohoutovice Aqua Park. Here they are coached by professional and experienced swimming teachers.


The children are trained in principles of good posture, coordination and to feel the natural joy of movement; in this way - their need to be active - is completely satisfied.  Our teachers lead exercises in playful way, sometimes even with music and thus encourage a positive lifestyle that allows children to fall in love with being active.


Like other sports, tennis has a positive effect on our bodies. Not only in improving fitness, but also in our problem solving skills and the ability to concentrate for extended periods. It has numerous positive effects on the human body: building muscle tone, flexibility, and reducing the chances of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. It also benefits bone development as it streches many parts of our body and  significantly reduces the risk of osteoporosis in old age.

Training to Prevent Flat Foot

Daily exercise can effectively prevent flat foot so it is important that children are taught to excersise This activity is also excellent in the prevention of back and posture problems.


Children can learn the basic steps of folk dances and are taught  rhymes and songs. The aim of teaching dance is the development of the childs sense of rhythm and through popular games the children can also get acquainted with folk traditions.

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