Skolka Happy Panda

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+(420) 774 366 997
+(420) 603 336 824
 Sosnová 757/2B Brno-Jundrov

Školka Happy Panda
Sosnová 2/B
Brno-Jundrov, 637 00

Tel: (+420) 774 366 997
Martina Straková
Tel: (+420) 603 336 824
Nikola Šmídová
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Banking details:  Fio Bank 2400775699/2010 , Royal Kids s.r.o. IČ 03726916

You can visit in person at Brno-Jundrov, Sosnová 2/B. For child safety reasons, you can only visit our kindergarten by appointment booked in advance.


Our kindergarten provides high levels of security and child care. So parents who are visiting our kindergarten must bring and register with all the required personal documents as well as your child's birth certificate. Without these documents you will not be allowed to visit the children and the kindergarten, even if you have a  prearranged appointment,. With respect to the safety of the children there will be no exceptions. In the interest of the children, we thank you for your understanding.

Tip: Bookmark the site of our kindergarten to your "Favorites" so next time you’ll easily find us. 

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