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Everyday children of different ages develop in different ways. We have a number of activities including: fairy tales - rhymes, songs - music, visual and physical education, familiarization with the environment, quantitative and qualitative context activities all of which fall within the Montessori methodology and principles set out by NTC and Rudolf Steiner.

We have orientation activities for new children that are designed to attune them to a new daily routine in a new environment to allow them to adapt and integrate into their new environment and community.

Activities progress in such a way that preschool children in the final year of their attendance in kindergarten will have received the best education for them. Our activities develop the mental abilities of children including: perception, observation, attention, insight, memory, thinking and problem solving skills. Children develop during activities as they playfully acquire the necessary skills that help them be ready to start school.

In our educational program, creative activities play an important role. Children get acquainted with creating handmade items using various techniques (pastel painting, painting, work with play-doh, gluing, working with clay and so on) which develop their creativity.

During development activities they learn from task cards and workbooks that are specific to each age group.

NTC Learning

NTC Learning is a project with roots in Serbian MENSA, created by a smaller interest group called “Nikola Tesla Centre”- hence the abbreviation NTC. In the Czech Republic, the development of this system was taken by the MENSA CR. With the use of experts in the field of neurology, psychology and pedagogy, it ensures the quality in the early childhood care in the Czech Republic with his project "MENSA Kindergarten."

The goal is to work together on the development of children's potential from the earliest stage, because as recent research has shown, the child's brain creates 75% of the neuronal synapses (interconnections) to the age of 7 - 50% of which is developed even under the age of 5 years. Let’s give our children the proper care and allow them to explore with creative, fun and exciting ways the beautiful, and for them, a whole new world, under the kind and supportive supervision of experienced teachers. Your kids will love it and you certainly as well.


The Happy Panda  Kindergarten applies a system of mixed classes, which means that the children of various ages may be divided during different activities or be in a common class.

Teachers can achieve more balanced and effective development in this way as children are devided during activities in the classroom from to time.

07:30 - 08:30
Morning meeting and playtime
08:30 - 09:00
09:00 - 10:00
Preschool preparation and development activities , playing outside in our garden or exploring the forest
10:00 - 10:15
10:15 - 10:45
English language (if weather permits in our garden or in the forest)
10:45 - 11:15
Individual activities for the development of children or sport
11:15 - 12:15
Outdoor play and exercise either in the playground or walking in the woods
12:15 - 13:00
13:00 - 14:00
Nap time
14:00 - 14:30
Free play with English
14:45 - 15:15
15:15 - 17:30
Optional program, play time in the garden, yoga

Programs for health care

In addition to teaching English we focus on awareness and mastering good habits for health and the environment.

Health Programs

  • Walking in the woods
  • Yoga
  • Tibetan sound therapy
  • Flat foot prevention training
  • Activities for children
  • Regular foot massage to strengthen the immune system and encourage treatment processes in the body
  • Tennis
  • Swimming

All of us are responsible for the environment which is why we teach children from the age of 2 ½ how to reuse things; to imagine their re-use and recycling possibilities. We regularly organize activities that help children develop their perception and understanding of their environment. We have partnered with our neighbour: the Lipka - school facility for environmental education. The children will also be learning and enriching their English as part of these recreational activities.

Pre-school Preparation

For older children from preschool classes, we focus on different activities to best prepare them for school life. In the context of preschool preparation, children will learn key mathematical skills and be assigned to work on writing, reading and developing everyday life skills at school.

We are constantly monitoring the intellectual development of children and their skills in order to achieve the most effective individual development.

Preschool children will learn from a high level workbook specifically picked for them, through which their preparation for school will be even more efficient. For preschool children, we emphasize tasks and exercise that lead to continuous development and the ability to maintain concentration, awareness and attention when performing tasks. If parents want their child to attend an elementary school where entrance exams are required, we can also help prepare the children for these examinations.

Teaching English

In our educational program, we place great emphasis on children familiarising themselves with the English language by acquiring a basic vocabulary suitable for conversation and verbal expression, and by learning various songs and rhymes. English classes take place in small groups every morning.

The study material focuses on being playful and uses visual perception. Children will learn to love and enjoy using English in everyday activities. Our English teacher also actively participates in afternoon classes and only speaks English with the children. The initial passive knowledge of English which children gain in one year will gradually turn into an active knowledge of English in the year that follows.

The Surrounding Environment

We are proud that we can provide a peaceful forest setting with a private garden where, weather permitting, children can play and learn outdoors whilst the birds sing. The surrounding area is so quiet that the children will not be disturbed by car noises. The fresh air and the chirping of the birds are two truly attractive features of our school.

The school is located about 100 meters from Jundrovského forest, where the children will go for walks on daily basis and discover the beauty of nature. In the forest there is a small zoo, where the children can learn about the animals and their habitats.

The school building is safely secured and surrounded by protective bushes that stop children from running into the road.

The accessibility of the kindergarten is very good, pending traffic. It is just 5 minutes by car from Komin, Bystrc, Lesna, Kralovo Pole, Novy Lískovec and Bohunice and less than 15 minutes from nearby villages such as Rosice, Jinacovice, Žebětín. Users of public transport need to get the no. 67 bus to Nálepkova which is just 2 minutes walk from the kindergarten. 

The internal layout of the kindergarten promotes serenity , playfulness, creativity and inspiration. We pride ourselves in having a fully equipped kindergarten, which is constantly maintained to our high standards. The toilets (bathrooms) in the building, doors, exterior and interior walls have all been completely renovated.

Cultural and Environmental Programs

Every month, the kindergarten organizes a cultural/environmental activity which in some way relates to the time of year for the children.

For example

  • Excursions
  • Theatre visits
  • Circus
  • Zoo
  • Visiting the museum
  • Visiting the airport
  • Theme parks
  • Visiting factories
  • Exhibitions

We also invite artists to the kindergarten.

For example

  • Music groups
  • Puppet theatre
  • Clown
  • Theatre groups

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