Skolka Happy Panda

Česky | English

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+(420) 603 336 824
 Sosnová 757/2B Brno-Jundrov

In addition to teaching English we focus on awareness and mastering good habits for health and the environment.

Health Programs

  • Walking in the woods
  • Yoga
  • Tibetan sound therapy
  • Flat foot prevention training
  • Activities for children
  • Regular foot massage to strengthen the immune system and encourage treatment processes in the body
  • Tennis
  • Swimming

All of us are responsible for the environment which is why we teach children from the age of 2 ½ how to reuse things; to imagine their re-use and recycling possibilities. We regularly organize activities that help children develop their perception and understanding of their environment. We have partnered with our neighbour: the Lipka - school facility for environmental education. The children will also be learning and enriching their English as part of these recreational activities.

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