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 Sosnová 757/2B Brno-Jundrov

The Happy Panda Kindergarten provides children's meals four times a day (breakfast,morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack).  To help the children stay health, we prefer a diet of organic food that does not use pork  and is gluten free. Subject to availability, we can customize diets for children with allergies to different foods (e.g. lactose, nuts, wheat etc.). Our kitchen can also cater for individual eating habits (e.g. vegetarian) and can include fresh fruit and raw vegetables. 

  • We place an emphasis on high-quality raw materials, the bulk of it is BIO quality
  • We don't use any additional additives, pre-prepared food and such a like
  • Each meal is rich in essential nutrients and easily digestible - an important factor for the absorption of those nutrients
  • We use the whole meal grain, i.e. BIO semi-peeled rice, millet grains, bulgur and barley
  • We use ingredients that boost natural immunity including Japanese Ume-vinegar, seaweed, Japanese Miso paste, real soy sauce Tamari without glutamate, homemade pickles
  • We use largely organic rice syrup or sugar cane for sweetening
  • We use quality milk based products such as  Greek yoghurt, quark or our own manufactured rice-based cream, millet grains cream and cottage cheese
  • We do not use genetically modified raw ingredients
  • We try as far as possible to use only raw ingredients from the Czech Republic. We are very strict in this particularly with meat  (except for fish)which we take only from a local providers.

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