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More Given

The Happy Panda Kindergarten is trying to create a worldview philosophy that returns as much as possible to our social environment. The children, in addition to being given high-quality care and education, inculcate the philosophy of "give more", which is crucial in our nursery.

The education provided results in children who grow up as adults that are positive in nature, as you can see in the following video:

More given

Not only will we educate our children, but they will learn how to give more to others. Here are a few examples:

The children will perform songs and poems not only to parents but also to the elderly in nursing homes,which will be thoroughly enjoyed.

Old toys that are no longer played with at home will not be thrown away but instead within the framework of planned activities will be aesthetically packaged and given as personal gifts to children in orphanages. Often children just say good-bye to toys in which they are no longer interested but which can still provide happiness to others.

Social relations, social and private success are built on similar experiences acquired during childhood.

We are not just satisfied with children attending our classes and building knowledge and self-confidence,we try to give them much more. We seek to provide learnings that will give them tools for the future.  The programs of the kindergarten try to give more to the local area, too.

Less Taken

We teach how important it is to take as little as possible from our environment. The core philosophy of our, "taking less" is how we can place the smallest burden on natural resources and live in a clean environment for the next 20 to 30 years.

In order to protect the environment, we have developed a comprehensive program that collects waste at our facility and sends it for recycling. The total amount of waste recycled is about 85% waste paper, 100% PET bottles. Used electrical appliances (e.g. CD player, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, etc.) do not belong in the garbage, but in a special container for recycling.

To help reduce CO2 in the atmosphere we have changed our light bulbs to fluorescent bulbs and with this small step we reduced our CO2 consumption through light use by 80%. We have also reduced water consumption in our facilities, by 28% by installing modern taps.

Through our principle of trying "to draw as little as possible" from our environment we hope to spread the message to future generations through our teachings both in and out of class.

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