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Standards of Care

In addition to mandatory training we ensure our team has a positive attitude, and is responsible, patient and honest at all times. The team is motivated to provide top quality teaching and each member is responsible for ensuring that the children stay in a loving, inspiring and harmonious environment throughout the day.

Two teachers are on site to provide training, care and education; They have high school degrees and experiences abroad that are driven to find perfection in their teaching work. Our teachers have the continuous support of a speech therapist who is a contracted employee of our school.


The presence of a mother or father greatly helps a child adapt to a new environment. So it is vitally important when a child starts attending our kindergarten that at least one parent is present until the child becomes more accustomed to their new surroundings.

This period of transition will also allow you, the parent, to see how we work, interact with the children and to personally meet the teachers that will help care for your child.


Pedagogical principles

We live our pedagogical principles – Professional and from the heart!

All of us at the Happy Panda Kindergarten are convinced that love, care and attention to detail can open the doors of future success for our children. With our team of successful and driven individuals we create a peaceful, loving and happy environment for children to flourishing in our kindergarten.

This atmosphere is created as our team gives their full attention, kindness, expertise, and experience using a variety of playful methods. The rooms have clear and cozy furnishings that inspire both play and joy.

In our experience we believe that an education based on Montessori, NTC and Waldorf methodologies  maximises learning. That's why we have combined all three methods. The education program of the kindergarten is built on the principle of learning through games, thus ensuring the uninterrupted development of the child. Our education goal is to continually develop a child's confidence, expand their field of interest, and help them get the best from their stay with us. We also focus on the development of children's social and intellectual skills, giving them a flying start at school.

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